Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Our next big project!

Hi, my name is Elliott Miller, and I'm the web developer for and

Earlier this year, we released for public use, which was developed in the Microsoft .Net environment. Utilizing the .Net technology, we were able to create a stable and user-friendly compensation modeling application.

Our newest project is NextComp Gamma. NextComp Gamma will be the new version of NextComp. We are calling it "collaborative market pricing". Collaborative market pricing means that you can more easily manage, gather and utilize feedback on your market pricings from other team members or other areas of your organization, such as managers, directors, VPs etc.

Nextcomp Gamma is being developed with the new Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

What does that mean for you? By utilizing GWT, we will be able to bring you new, more powerful, faster and more reliable market pricing tools. We will be able to make all of your tools work much more quickly and we will be able to develop new tools faster.

This toolkit is the next big step in web development, and we are excited to have the opportunity to use the most innovative and powerful technology available. We will still be utilizing industry standard database and server technology. All of your data will remain secure and confidential. Also, the transition to NextComp Gamma will happen gradually and you'll have plenty of time to make the switch at your own pace.

In the meantime we continue to develop and enhance the existing NextComp application with changes that we've mentioned in past blog posts or in discussions directly with you, our subscribers.

We can't divulge any more details about Nextcomp Gamma yet, but we will release information about the exciting new features we're bringing you in 2007.


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