Thursday, April 27, 2006


Amazing New Technology

I've always been a fan of technology, ever since I first got an Atari 2600 for Christmas over 25 years ago.

Apple is one of my favorite computer companies, even though I only purchased my first Mac about a year ago. I've always liked the elegance and simplicity of the design. When Apple announced the new Intel based MacBook Pro, I couldn't resist. We've been using Mac's for a lot of our web graphic design over the last year, but I couldn't justify the cost of moving my "business" computing to Mac. Well that's all changed. The new MacBook Pro is so amazing that you can run Windows XP Pro at full speed right alongside Mac OS X. The company that made this possible is called Parallels (

This is just one of the coolest new technologies I've seen recently. It's like having two full laptops in one slim silver notebook. Even if you're total Windows die-hard, you have to admire the engineering that went into the design. Now all my work is done on the MacBook Pro.


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