Sunday, April 02, 2006


Opening day!

Although this is the official NEXTCOMP.NET blog, it is also a place to share my experiences coaching my son's little league team. We're sponsoring the team and Bob (my Dad) and I will be coaches. Check back for information on an upcoming release of the MY MATCHES table in NEXTCOMP.NET.

It was a cold and wet opening day on Saturday, April 1st. The kids didn't seem to mind.

The Snoqualmie Valley Little League did a great job of fund-raising this year. Over 3 times as much money was raised this year with raffle tickets and sponsorships as last year. The League is going to build a new ball field with the money. First day of practice starts on Tuesday, April 4th. The team's color is purple, so of course the kids want to name the team the "Purple People Eaters". Hopefully Bob and I will be able to talk them out of that one!


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