Monday, July 12, 2010


IE 8 File Upload Bug Fixed

Internet Explorer 8 is beginning to become more common in the corporate setting. Some subscribers have discovered a bug with uploading files to NextComp when using IE 8. This error also occurred when using the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you use any of these browsers and you've tried to upload a data loading template you most likely received an error page similar to the one shown below.

The good news is that we've fixed this bug and now the file upload feature works with all major browsers.

For the technically minded, here's what caused the bug.

In prior versions of Internet Explorer, when you send a file from your computer to the NextComp server, the browser sends the entire file path including the file name. NextComp would then parse out the file name. The code used to accomplish this assumed that the string of text would include the entire file path. Starting with Internet Explorer 8 the browser only sends the file name, without the full file path. Microsoft made this change to tighten security so that the remote server, in this case the NextComp server, wouldn't know anything about your local machine's file and path structure. I think it's a great idea to only include the file name, but this caused an error with how NextComp parsed the file name. It was an easy fix once we figured out what caused the issue.

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