Friday, March 02, 2012


Northwest Compensation Forum 2012

Hello from the blogosphere. It's been a while since we've visited. It's the busiest time of year for anyone involved in compensation. No complaints here. I'm happy to be busy. Much more than the opposite.

One area that I've been more involved in lately is with the Northwest Compensation and Rewards Forum (NCRF).  The NCRF is the local, as in Western Washington local, compensation and total rewards focused group.  The NCRF is also affiliated as a "Group Partner Network" member with WorldatWork.

Late last year I received a call from the then President of the Board of the NCRF. He asked if I might have some time in 2012 to join the Board as he was working on filling several upcoming vacancies. I said that "Yes" I did have some time and I would love to re-join the Board. I had been involved in the early 2000's with the Board but lately had not been as involved. He asked what I might be interested in and I said that any position would be great but that I thought I could handle the role of President. Upon being voted in at the last Quarterly Lunch on January 11th, I am now the President of the NCRF.  I'm very excited to be involved again. I'm very much looking forward to a successful, interesting and fun year.

I even wrote a little speech that I gave at the Forum Lunch.  I'm posting it here for posterity sake.

This is an incredibly challenging time for us as professionals involved in total rewards. And as as with most challenging times there are also many opportunities.

We are faced with uncertain economic conditions. Many of us are dealing with reduced work forces but not a reduced levels of work. We are pulled in many different directions with family, work and social activities.

This will be my second term as President. I'm super excited to be back involved with the group. But as with most past presidents I simply dropped off the radar at the end of my last turn.

What happened? Why do some Board members tend to become less involved after their term.

Maybe we get burned out, or perhaps we simply get swallowed up with other events happening in our lives. That's what happened with me, with four small children, two businesses and well, you get the idea, we all have busy schedules.

Which makes this group even more important. It's a chance to take a break from our normal routines, get out of the office and meet our colleagues. It's a chance to stay connected. To share ideas. To learn from our shared experiences. Most importantly, it's a chance to figure out where the opportunities exist in these challenging times.

And that's why we're here.

It's why I jumped at this chance. So here's to a great 2012.

So there you go, maybe I'll see you at the next Quarterly Meeting being held at the Bellevue Club on April 11th.


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