Thursday, July 20, 2006


Reports, searching, and table configuration

We changed the sort order of the standard match "verification" and "job summary" reports (report numbers 01 through 15) so that they are all consistent. We noticed that the order was slightly different in how the matches were displayed between reports which can cause confusion when reviewing a large number of matches across reports.

Also, we've been experiencing some technical difficult with our "full text" search server this afternoon. We will have the issue resolved by this evening. This will affect the "Search Surveys" page in NextComp when you attempt to search on job titles or key words in job summaries. We'll post on the blog when the issue is resolved.

We are working on several enhancements to the "My Matches" table as well as adding fields to the My Jobs, My Matches and Custom Query configuration tools. These will be released as soon as possible most likely over the weekend.

Please contact with any questions.


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