Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Enhanced data import for MY ORGANIZATION data

Based on feedback from you, our subscribers, we’re enhancing the data import tool for importing internal pay range, job and employee information. The new process is easier to use and provides more control over how the data is imported. The new tool will be released the week of May 29th. You will receive an e-mail announcement describing the changes.

The new tool includes a new data import template with many new fields including:

Unprotected sheets to make editing easier
Smaller file size for quicker downloading
New fields added for My Jobs:
- New Job flag
- Job Family / Group 2
- Job Family / Group 3
- Skill level
- Cost center
- Incentive Plan Name / Code
- Short-term Incentive Minimum % Payout
- Short-term Incentive Target % Payout
- Short-term Incentive Maximum % Payout
- Long-term Incentive Minimum % Payout
- Long-term Incentive Target % Payout
- Long-term Incentive Maximum % Payout
- Total Direct Compensation Minimum % Payout
- Total Direct Compensation Target % Payout
- Total Direct Compensation Maximum % Payout

We are also making a small change in the survey import template to clarified field labels in the Long Term Incentive Percentages section.


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