Friday, November 10, 2006


NEW: Market Pricing page features

We've been spending a lot of time on reworking the Market Pricing page over the last few weeks. We released a new My Jobs table late last week, but we rolled that change back in order to fine-tune the performance of the tool. In the meantime, we've reworked the My Matches table slightly and we've added a new tool called "Match Explorer"

Here are some screenshots.

The My Jobs table has a slightly revised look on the buttons and table header to make it more consistent with the other pages. Also, notice the new Match Explorer tab.

The My Matches table has a new look as well. We've put all of the available buttons on the page. Also, the table will now expand to fit all of the data in the table. No more scrolling up and down through the list. The table is also configurable to different widths to fit the size of your table configuration.

The new Match Explorer will display all of the matches in the pay plan in at one time. Have you ever wanted to see all the matches and sort them by Job Group or pay grade? Well now you can! This will make it much faster to edit all the matches at one time.

Over the weekend we are going to re-release the new My Jobs table with needed performance enhancements. We hope that the new features are helpful in your work.


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