Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A few updates (and the rain is back)

The Autumn colors are in full glory and the rain is back. I'm actually kind of glad for the foggy mornings and drizzly afternoons. I guess I'm a true Seattlelite.

We made a few minor bug fixes on NextComp yesterday.

  • Link in My Jobs table for Config. Table is working

  • The Configuration tools are "remembering" the sorting order that you choose

  • The My Matches table is being automatically updated when you edit matches using the Match Edit form

  • The "Incentive Plan" drop down list is working on the My Job Details form

  • The "Update Results Table" was fixed to work faster

  • The Match Tools panel has been changed slightly to make is more obvious that there are additional tools available. See image below...

Before clicking on the More Match Tools...

After clicking on the More Match Tools...


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