Friday, May 04, 2007


WorldatWork Conference and Exposition 2007

Bob and I are on our way to the 2007 WorldatWork conference and exposition in Orlando, Florida.

I'm sitting in the St. Louis airport in between flights. It's raining like crazy outside. The first thing we saw getting off the plane was a Starbucks. It feels like home!

Bob and I are looking forward to the conference. We appreciate the chance to meet new people and network with our existing customers. This is our one big exposition each year. If you are planning on attending the conference, stop by and say "Hi" at booth 448.

In addition, we are in the planning stages for a 2007 User's Conference to occur late summer of this year. We'll have a one day meeting in the Seattle area and a one day meeting in the Boston area. I am also planning to make site visits to a few other locations over the coming months. We are interested in getting your feedback as we continually enhance NextComp. I'll be contacting each subscriber directly to announce the User's Conference. I'll also post information on the blog.

Now for a more uplifting picture. This was taken yesterday in Preston, Washington. It is an old cherry tree laden with flowers. The branches are just starting to grow leaves.

Blooming Branches



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