Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Training Part 3 - Agenda

It's not too late to register. Just register for October 9th webinar and I'll send you the meeting information.

The purpose of this training session is to cover the Standard Reports and Custom Query options in NextComp, including how to export reports to Excel, Word, and Acrobat formats. We'll also cover the Market Pricing aspects of NextComp and how best to use some common Excel formulas for analysis.

Here's the agenda for Thursday October 9th's web training. This is the 3rd in a series of 3 trainings.

1. Overview of reporting options in NextComp

2. Pricing a job
  • We'll cover this process in more detail to demonstrate reporting options
3. Reporting on the results - Standard Reports
  • Job summary report
  • Data verification report
  • Pay Grade/Level report
  • Job Group report
4. Reporting on the results - Custom Queries
  • Rollup report
  • Job matching report
  • Employee data report
  • Common Excel functions, including filtering, sorting, comp. ratios, and amount to market calculations
I'm open to covering any topics that come up during the hour, so please feel free to send me any requests.

This webinar is open to all existing NEXTCOMP.NET subscribers.

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