Thursday, July 30, 2009


nextcompTV - Episode 3 - Base Pay vs. Incentives

Where did the time go today during Episode 3 of nextcompTV?

Bob and I really got into our discussion of base pay and incentives and strolled into a few other side topics along the way. The video starts with a few shots of the Seattle waterfront, then cuts to 2 minutes from the interview with Catherine Dovey in which Catherine discusses base pay and incentives and the importance of communication, finally Bob and I spend 20 minutes talking about base pay and incentives from the perspective of the employee, the Board/Ownership, and the HR department.

We're getting the hang of the technical aspects of the show and I think we're on a roll with some interesting topics and discussion.

Tune in next Tuesday, August 4th at Noon PST for another great episode where we'll discuss the impact of rapidly changing technology on the human resources and compensation professional.

Here's a link to the NPR story about "How We Get Paid"

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