Thursday, July 22, 2010


Excel Tips and Tricks for salary survey data

In this video I demonstrate the most common keyboard shortcuts I use when working with salary survey data files, a really cool and fast technique for converting data from annual to hourly (or vice versa), and a useful formula for combining data from two or more cells into one cell.

For reference, here are the keyboard shortcut combinations that I demonstrate in the video.

Moving around the worksheet:

control and down arrow (move to bottom of a list)
control and up arrow (move to the top of a list)
control and right arrow (move to the right of a table)
control and left arrow (move to the left of a table)

Selecting cells:

shift and control and arrow key (selects a contiguous set of data)
shift and arrow key (expands or contracts a selection of cells)

Copy and paste:

control and c (copy)
control and v (paste)

Converting values:

paste special -> operation -> divide (divide a range of values by the copied value)
paste special -> operation -> multiply (multiply a range of values by a copied value)

Converting formula results to values:

paste special - as Values (takes the results of a formula and pastes it as the value)

Combining data from multiple cells into one cell:

If you have three cells of data that you want to combine into one cell, you can use this formula

= cellref1&" - "&cellref2&" - "&cellref3

In this example, cellref is the cell reference for the cells that you want to combine.
If cellref1 = 1.01 and cellref2 = Administrative Assistant and cellref3 = the job's summary, then the result of the formula will be 1.01 - Administrative Assistant - job summary

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