Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Orthodontist earn more than CEOs on average (with a catch)...

The Wall Street Journal blog has an article that summarizes the findings recently released by the Labor Department. The top line of the blog reads that orthodontists make more than CEOs on average. But here's the catch...

The discrepancy likely reflects the fact that U.S. chief executives (248,760) far outnumber orthodontists (5,570). A good number of those CEOs likely earn modest salaries at small companies.

It's a good idea to make sure that we dig a little deeper when researching market data and in our own organization's market pricing activities. Sometimes there is some other relevant piece of information that helps to explain the top line findings.

Other findings...

The median pay for an athlete or sports competitor is $39,050, which is less than the Miami Heat pays LeBron James per quarter (of a basketball game.)


One out of every 17 jobs in America is held by a retail salesperson or a cashier. 

There are more nuggets in the post, but these caught my eye.


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