Sunday, May 21, 2006


8th Baseball Game

We’re doing great at baseball. We’ve switched to playing with the “Babe’s” rules: 3 strikes and your out, 3 outs in an inning. We had a few glitches. Like yours truly not realizing that there was a six run mercy limit in an inning. I think we ran through our entire line-up twice. Oops. Well the next game we had it figured out. The kids actually seem to like the change. It’s a faster paced game, except that there are six innings, so the games last for two hours. Oh man, we’re beat by the end of the game. We had our eighth game yesterday. Here’s my son Caelan. He looks good in the gear!

The upcoming week is an exciting one at NextComp. We’re releasing the new “My Matches” table, complete with an online Flash tutorial. There are a lot of new features so look for an upcoming post this week plus an e-mail announcement.


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