Friday, September 14, 2007


New version of CompModel and Photo Friday

We've been working on a couple of major updates to CompModel, our compensation modeling tool. The first is behind the scenes. Elliott has retooled the data structures to work even faster. The new data structures are about 5 to 10 times faster, so calculating pay increases, merit matrix models, and new ranges structures is even faster. The second update includes a new tool called the "Performance Matrix Model". This tool allows you to create what-if scenarios for merit matrices. You can, for instance, enter a merit budget percentage and the merit performance levels and CompModel will calculate the percent increase for each performance level. It's called the "Goal Seek" scenario. You can model merit matrices for all employees in a structure or divide the pay ranges into quartiles, quintiles or deciles and use a different merit matrix for each segment. It's pretty cool and it's fast! We're working with one of our larger subscribers next week to do some "real life" testing. After that we'll release the tool to the production servers.

You can learn more at

And here's a photo that I took yesterday morning at the "Old Mill Pond" in Snoqualmie, Washington. It was a foggy cool morning with mist hanging on the pond and the sun shining through spots in the fog and reflecting off the water.

Old Mill Pond


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