Tuesday, September 08, 2009


nextcompTV - Episode 8

This week's video covers the progress were making on Version 3 updates and bug fixes.

As an example of the types of changes were making, here are a few screen shots.

1) Change to the way the pages are rendered to fill the browser's window.

Originally the design had a static page width that would fit most all screen sizes. We decided, based on feedback, that having the static page size really limited the use of some tables for those people with larger screen widths.

2) Changes to the Market Pricing page

We've slightly changed the way the Market Pricing page works. When you first open the Market Pricing page you'll be presented with a search area and a prompt asking you to enter a search or you have the option of showing all data in the table. This really improved performance because 90% of the time you'll want to search for specific jobs for pricing, rather than see all the jobs all the time.

3) Say goodbye to the Daisie error page.

As much as we love Daisie, it turns out that seeing her cute face each time an error occurs is quite annoying. When you get an error, you're not usually in the mood to see a cute puppy, you want a quick professional message with the options you have available to you. So we've redesigned the error page.

There are a host of other changes, some small cosmetic changes and some more fundamentally programming updates to increase overall performance.

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