Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"Clear Search" new feature

There's a small but potentially important change to the Search Surveys page. There's even a story as to why this update was needed.

I met with a subscriber last week to discuss the annual update processes and during the meeting we ran into a situation where an extremely large search result would cause an error with the company firewall. NextComp would deliver the initial result set (over 1000 rows) but the firewall blocked subsequent searches due to the way the search page "posts" information back to the server. It wasn't an issue with NextComp per se but it was an issue with the way NextComp interacted with the company's firewall.

So now there's a new link on the Search Surveys page directly to the right of the "Search" button. It's a "Clear Search" link. This link doesn't post information back to the NextComp server, but rather hyperlinks back to the Search Surveys page in a way that will clear the current search results. Then a new search can be initiated thereby bypassing the "post back" that caused an error with the firewall.

I also moved the "Search Tips" link to the right of the new "Clear Search" and made the text a bit larger.

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