Friday, October 13, 2006


UPDATE: My Jobs table screenshot

We've been busy testing the new My Jobs table. We're almost ready to release it. Our plans are to setup the new functionality over the weekend. Just to show you what we're working on, here's a screenshot.

Here are some of the highlights of the new table.

  1. New: Ability to show employees right in the table

  2. New: Ability to control the number of rows displayed

  3. New: Ability to filter on any column (see the little funnel images on each column, those are for filtering)

  4. New: Ability to duplicate a job (useful for geographic market pricing)

  5. New: Ability to sort the table by clicking on the column headers

  6. New: Ability to include/exclude employee pay from the overall employee average pay

  7. New: Greatly enhanced export to Excel

  8. Update: Faster loading and faster paging

In this example the Employees for the "Materials Handler II" job are filtered to only show the "Materials Salvage" location. Notice that the filter image is a white color, indicating that the column is filtered.

Also, you can unselect employees for a particular job and those employees will not be calculated in the overall employee average for the job. This is useful for excluding employees either by geography or because they have pay that you know is an outlier and you don't want to include it in the analysis.

We'll post a movie with narration in Quicktime format after we release the new table over the weekend.


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