Sunday, October 01, 2006


NEW FEATURE: Survey data import template - version 2007

There is a new survey data import process available starting today.

Each year we gather feedback on the survey data import template. We didn't make any change from the 2005 to 2006 template. We are planning to make some changes for 2007. Rather than just make a switch from one template to another, we've setup a new template and a seperate template import process.

Please note that the existing process will continue to work along side with the new process. If you've loaded your survey data into the existing template, then please continue using the current import process.

The image above shows the new button called "Version 2007 Template". The import process is exactly the same, but the template is different. What's different you ask? Good question!

Here are some of the major changes in the template:

  • Cleaned up the column names to make it clearer about what data should go into each column.
  • Eliminated the "Simple average" column and only show one column for the averages. If you're organization primarily uses the "weighted" average then you would copy that data into the template. If your organization uses the "simple" average then you would copy that data into the template.
  • Added a column for comments to many sections of the data, such as total cash, long term incentive, total direct compensation. This allows you to note any specific areas of the data that may cause questions later, such as what exactly does the LTI data represent as this could vary by survey.
  • Added some new fields for data that represents "receiving" and data that represents "all" data. So for instance, you can load data for Total Cash that represents only those employees that received some type of bonus/incentive.

The new template process is available now from the Start Page by clicking on the Import/Export Data button.

I'll post some more information about the specific changes in a blog post later this week.


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