Saturday, March 01, 2008


NextComp's New Home

NextComp has a new home as of 6:00 PM Pacific Time today.

NextComp is in the middle rack in the photo below.


Here's a photo of the backup battery cabinet.


Here's a photo of the backup generator (on the left of the photo).


If you live in the Northwest you'll remember the extended power outage of December 2006. This data center didn't lose power during that time because of the backup generator. They also didn't lose their Internet connection during that time.

I'm very excited that the servers are now located in such a high quality, state-of-the-art data center.

NextComp is noticeably quicker now. The Start Page loads faster, survey searches are faster, and Market Pricing is faster. NextComp is connected to a much faster Internet hub, which results in a faster overall experience with the application. In addition, NextComp servers will run cooler in the new data center which also helps with overall performance.

I'll continue posting updates on NextComp developments as we have information ready to share. We're preparing for the May 2008 WorldatWork conference.


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