Saturday, August 23, 2008


A Day On "The Freedom Trail"

Bunker Hill

We started our walk of The Freedom Trail at Bunker Hill in Charlestown.

Charlestown is a beautiful area. We met a really nice woman on our walk. She even offered to let us tour her condo. The building used to be owned by Sam Adams family and some of his relatives lived there. It was so cute and full of old world charm, but with updated amenities.

Bunker Hill Musket Demonstration

One of the cool parts of seeing Bunker Hill was the live musket firing demonstration. That thing was LOUD! The kids in the front row loved it, but it scared them a bit too.

USS Constitution

The next stop was the USS Constitution and the associated museum. There's so much history here in Boston!

USS Casin Young

Besides seeing the USS Constitution, we took a tour of a World War II era war ship. Very cramped quarters onboard!

Boston Water Taxi

We took a water taxi from the USS Constitution Museum to the Boston waterfront (right next to the aquarium). It was a beautiful ride and the breeze off the water felt so good on a hot day!

Quincy Market

The next stop was the Quincy Market. It's like the Pike Place Market in Seattle only it seemed bigger because it spills out into the neighboring streets and there were thousands of people filling the market and the streets. The food smelled delicious!

Old City Hall and Starbucks

Further along the trail we found the Old City Hall which has been converted into a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and right next door there's a Starbucks.

State House

The Massachusetts State House has a glorious golden dome that shines bright in the afternoon sun. Another stop on The Freedom Trail

Great Cupcakes at Lulu's Bake Shoppe

We were getting hungry and decided to stop in and grab a delicious cupcake from Lulu's Bake Shoppe. You can see my reflection in the window. The frosting on the cupcakes was to die for good!

Caffe Dello Sport

After getting all sugared up on cupcakes, we decided to eat something a bit more substantial. We had a great panini sandwich and espresso at Caffe Dello Sport. And let me tell you, I now understand why the North End is also called Little Italy. Almost everyone in there was speaking Italian!

Paul Revere's house

After eating some lunch we continued on The Freedom Trail to Paul Revere's house. A beautiful old home in a wonderful part of the town.

Off to Harvard Square

We took a break back at the hotel after six hours of walking. Once we were recharged we headed on the T to Harvard Square for dinner.

Dinner at Legal Seafood

A Boston must stop is Legal Seafood. My wife and I had a wonderful cup of chowder, salad and fried seafood for dinner. Mmmmm good!

Harvard Square

Here's a shot of me standing in front of the buidling that houses the Human Resources department for Harvard University. It's right in the center of Harvard Square. I love this part of town, it's always busy with pedestrians and students, street musicians and performers, and tourists like me! :-)

Tomorrow some more sightseeing and then getting ready for the meeting on Monday.


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