Tuesday, June 02, 2009


WorldatWork 2009 - Day 3 - Expo

It was a successful exposition this year in Seattle. I feel energized and optimistic this evening. The traffic at the booth yesterday and today was great. Bob and I met many new people and had the pleasure of seeing some familiar faces, including Kelly, Brett and Shannon from Amazon.com, Yvonne and Michelle from City of Bellevue, Cathy from Newmont Mining, Leigh of Culpepper and Associates, Debbie and Colleen from BECU, and many more!

I had a chance to visit with Larry Daniels from Milliman USA. He and I have known each other for over ten years, and he was very supportive and encouraging back in 2001 when we first started developing NEXTCOMP. Thank you Larry for taking time to talk today.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Leigh Culpepper. I actually approached Leigh yesterday regarding the video journal that I'd been doing for the blog. I asked if he would be willing to participate in an interview. He asked me what the questions would include. I thought of asking him about pay trends in merit budgets and what he was seeing in overall market adjustments. He said that he would give it some thought. Today, he came by the booth and we picked up our conversation, though it took a different turn, away from data. I really like Leigh's insights and this conversation really got me thinking about why we attend conference and what we take away from the experience.

This video is also available on YouTube.

The booth is packed up, exhibit is closed, and I made it home this evening in time for dinner. It was a treat for me to have the conference in Seattle. I want to personally thank Audrey Johnson for her tireless dedication managing a seamless and successful show. I also want to thank the WorldatWork and Convention Center staff that work behind the scenes to ensure a great experience for the conference attendees. Thank you to Doug Sayed and Leigh Culpepper for the time and allowing me to video them at the expo. Also, a huge thank you also to everyone that stopped by the booth. You're the reason we attend the show each year.

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