Saturday, April 18, 2009


Tweet In Review

Here's a list of tweets from the past week related to human resources, compensation, surveys, and a few fun items as well.

Level 4 gym meet for my daughter, busy day of sports
about 3 hours ago from TwitterFon

1st baseball game of the season
about 6 hours ago from TwitterFon

This css/javascript modal dialog is awesome in it's simplicity and flexibility.
2:12 PM Apr 16th from TweetDeck

Best compensation related blog post title I've read this week "The Sight of the Gallows Really Clears the Senses"
12:40 PM Apr 16th from TweetDeck

Interesting article on Compensation Force about how "New Graduate Salary Offers Dip" in 2009
12:26 PM Apr 16th from TweetDeck

For coffee lovers, you should try this Vietnamese coffee by Trung Nguyen. It's so good!
9:45 AM Apr 16th from TweetDeck

Just returned to the office from a Northwest Compensation and Rewards Forum luncheon. It was really great seeing everyone!
2:12 PM Apr 15th from TweetDeck
(Learn more about this group.)

"Do your work. Do it well... But that shouldn’t be the only thing you do. Take a little time to build relationships, too."
9:35 AM Apr 15th from TweetDeck
(This was quoted from

New Culpepper e-bulletin includes some updates on 2009 merit budget figures.
9:24 AM Apr 15th from TweetDeck

Interesting series of articles comparing a well run symphony to a well run company.
9:13 AM Apr 15th from TweetDeck

"Incentive Plans for the Small Business Owner"
9:12 AM Apr 15th from TweetDeck

I just found a new compensation related blog. My friend Doug Sayed is one of the writers:
9:12 AM Apr 14th from TweetDeck
(The blog is called Compensation Cafe and I'm really enjoying this blog.)

There are just 47 days until the 2009 WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference and Exhibition in Seattle!
9:10 AM Apr 14th from TweetDeck

"Dhani Tackles The Globe" is a lot of fun to watch on The Travel Channel.
9:37 PM Apr 13th from TweetDeck

"Interesting Times Ahead" by Anne Ruddy
1:46 PM Apr 13th from TweetDeck

53 days 17 hours and 45 minutes to go to the WorldatWork 2009 Conference and Expo in Seattle, Washington, USA.
11:19 AM Apr 8th from TweetDeck

I'm very excited about the next blog post. I'll be posting several demos of Version 3 in action. So stay tuned!

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