Thursday, March 24, 2011


A Few Updates To Version 2

I've made a couple of updates to the searching features in Version 2. Here's a summary.

My Jobs

On the My Jobs table the way you can search for job codes has changed. Rather than making an exact match to a job code, the search will return both exact matches and matches that start with the search criteria.

Here's an example of a search for a job code. Searching for "03" in this example returns 10 rows. Ten jobs in this example have a job code starting with "03".

You can still search for a specific job code.

Search Surveys

I've changed the way the searching on survey data works slightly. In the past you needed to use a wildcard * character to specify that you wanted to search for all instances of a certain word. You no longer need to use the wildcard. For instance, a search for job titles that have the word "account" in them is achieved by searching for account rather than account*

Also, the survey job summary search feature is up and running. This feature had been offline due to some technical issues.

Sign In Page Graphic

Plus, I changed the photo on the sign-in page. Holy smokes, it's been the same picture for years. Time for a change!

I chose something abstract and dynamic. For posterity sake here's a screen shot of the before and after. Okay, it's not a big change but still it's nice to see something new.

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