Sunday, April 27, 2014


"7 Lessons Anyone [YOU] Can Learn from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis"

Regardless of your musical tastes and whether or not you enjoy the music of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, it's hard to deny the tremendous success the duo has had over the past year. And this was not an overnight success, despite what it appeared to be last year. So it's with that sentiment that I link to this article by another very successful Seattle based artist, Chase Jarvis.

Here are the seven lessons that Chase lays out in his article based on his experiences knowing and working the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis:

  1. Freedom is More Important Than Money
  2. Setbacks are Temporary
  3. Only YOU Are in Charge of Your Personal Brand
  4. Have a Point of View
  5. Collaborating with Your Friends is a Good Thing – surround yourself with good people
  6. Don’t Let Them Put You in a Box
  7. Community is King 

Why am I linking to this article? To me, it's all about total rewards. It explains quite a bit about why someone would prioritize certain rewards over others, take lesson number one for instance.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!


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