Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Enhanced MY JOBS and SEARCH SURVEYS config. tools and some bug fixes

We've uploaded enhancements to the My Jobs and Search Surveys table configuration tools. Along with the enhancements we've fixed the bug that would generate the "Invalid attempt to read data when no data is present" error when a user configuration is edited by another user, a configuration is deleted, or when a user clicks the cancel button after editing/viewing a configuration.

We've also fixed a bug in the My Organization data import where the employees job number was not updated when the employee changed jobs. Now the correct job number is assigned to the employee.

Here are some screenshots of the changes:

Changed the My Jobs button images

Added three sort fields to the My Jobs configuration tool

Added three sort fields to the Search Surveys configuration tool

We fixed one minor bug with the sort fields in the My Matches table configuration tool as well.

We also made some minor visual changes to the Edit Employee Detail page. The page is now consistent with the rest of the site.

We're working on some additional enhancements for uploading in the next two weeks.


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