Sunday, October 15, 2006


Best laid plans...

Well, on Friday afternoon we had one change to make to the My Jobs table. The table column filters were only showing values for the currently visible rows.

For instance, even though demo pay plan has hundreds of rows with dozens of unique values for a job's location, we were only seeing the 10 values for the jobs in the 10 rows showing in the table. We thought, "This is something easy to fix!" and so we thought it would be ready to release over the weekend. We were being too optimistic. It turns out that this is much more difficult to implement than we thought. It turns out that we had to reconstruct the entire way that the table handles sorting, paging, and exporting to get the column filters to include all possible values. Plus throw in the complexity of searching and only showing values for search results and it became a bigger project that we anticipated.

So we worked over the weekend and reprogrammed the table. Here's a screenshot of the new filter feature. Notice that it shows all of the job titles, not just the tiles from the visible 10 rows.

And here's a close up of the drop down list for filtering.

But, we're still working out some issues with paging and sorting, and paging/sorting combined with searching.

I'm taking the advice of a good friend and longtime NextComp subscriber. She advised me to "wait until all the bugs are worked out before releasing it." Good, sound advice. It's tempting to rush something into production when it's almost there, it's 99% done, but it's that last 1% that will make it really beautiful to work with and use on a day to day basis. So we are working on that last 1% to make sure this release is solid.


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