Sunday, August 31, 2008


A New School Year, A New School

I hope you had a great weekend. It was Labor Day Weekend here in the States. It is also the last weekend of summer for my kids. School starts on Wednesday, September 3rd.

A new school year is always exciting. This year is especially exciting as my oldest daughter is headed of to middle school. Middle school starts at 6th grade and covers 7th and 8th grade. A new experience for her and us.

But what is making this even more exciting is that she's going to a brand new school. It was completed just a few weeks ago. The architecture is beautiful. The location is spectacular! Here are some photos.

Here's my youngest daughter running to catch up with the group.


Here's the common room.


Each grade has a hall. The halls are named after the three forks of the Snoqualmie River.


Here's the view from the track and field area.


Back to school also means longer stretches of uninterrupted work time for me during the day, which translates to fewer late working nights. That makes me happy!

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