Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Major upgrade to RESULTS TABLE

We've been monitoring the performance of the database over the past few days and noticed that during peak times, especially earlier in the morning, that the overall performance of the database was getting bogged down. We've narrowed the issue to the "Results Table" being updated.

The Results Table is updated after refreshing survey matches, changing survey aging factors, and loading new My Organization data.

We spent the day redesigning the entire update process for the Results Table. We've increased the overall speed by a factor of 10 (at least). For instance, updating a Pay Plan with 100 jobs and several hundred matches used to take over 1 minute and during peak times it could take several minutes. Now, it should take less than 15 seconds to update the results for the pay plan.

We will continue to monitor the database performance to ensure that we've got the issues ironed out. We're also working on finishing an update to the MY JOBS table and a major enhancement to the SEARCH SURVEYS page. We'll keep you posted.


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