Thursday, September 07, 2006


New CUSTOM QUERY fields added for Employee data

We've added 13 new fields to the Custom Query tool specifically related to My Organization Employee data. The new fields are available in the Reports page on the Custom Query tab. The fields are listed in the "Details" section of the tool.

Here is a list of new fields:

  • FTE Percentage
  • Shift
  • Hire Date
  • Date In Position
  • Cost Center
  • Assigned Hours
  • Union Group
  • Zip Code
  • Incentive Eligible (Yes/No)
  • Bonus / Incentive Amount
  • Manager Full Name
  • Notes
  • Employee Record Update Date

The addition of these fields makes it possible to conduct more extensive analysis against employee data. You can use the data in these fields to export to Excel and then run cross-tab analysis based on Cost Center for instance.

We'll continue to post as we add new features in the coming weeks.


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