Tuesday, May 20, 2008


WorldatWork 2008 - Philadelphia

WorldatWork 2008

The WorldatWork show is underway and NextComp is here in the thick of the action.

We have a booth at the Expo.

NextComp Booth 2008

The traffic was brisk and I may need to have Tracey overnight more brochures to me for Wednesday and Thursday. I gave about 1/2 my stack away in two and half hours this afternoon. It's great to see familiar faces (Ann, Jan, David, Emily, Mark, Marty, Meredith, Rae, David) and make many new acquaintances as well.

My wife and I had time before the show today for some sightseeing. It was fun to see the

The Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell

Home of Betsy Ross
The Betsy Ross House

Indepence Hall
Independence Hall

Chinatown - Philadelphia

Rick's Steaks
the Reading Terminal Market, where we had a great cheese steak sandwich, and much more. We packed a lot of sightseeing into five hours.

Next year, the show is in Seattle. Yay! Less travel, plus I can show off my home town!

NextComp Gamma

The next blog post will give you a preview of NextComp Gamma, the completely updated version of NextComp that is coming this Summer.

Some of the new features include:

  • New user interface providing consistent and beautiful access to NextComp's tools
  • Completely cross-browser compatible, you can use NextComp on your PC, MAC, or iPhone/ iTouch!
  • Supports all currency formats for those of you using NextComp in Asian and European countries
  • Enhanced User model with easier permission setting and a few new permission options
  • Many new market pricing tools designed to streamline your market pricing work
  • A greatly enhanced tool for updating matches from one year to the next
  • New reporting options
Stay tuned!