Wednesday, June 14, 2006


New "My Organization" data import tool

We've updated the "my organization" data import wizard. The overall goal of the redesign is to provide additional options and feedback on how the data will be imported and updated in NextComp.

We'll be creating a short two or three minute flash demo showing the new tool. I'll post a link to the demo on the blog. See an earlier post for additional information on the new wizard.

Please contact with any questions about the new tool.


Last Baseball Game

We finished our last game on Saturday, June 10th. We had a nice little ceremony after the game. I handed out trophies and said something specific about each boy's abilities and improvements. It was a pleasure to coach the kids. The best part is that the parents all said that they appreciated having a good experience with baseball this year. The kids then had cupcakes and ran around the park playing. We wrangled all of them together for a group shot with coach. That's Caelan, my son, on my shoulders. Thank you to the parents for all your support. Thank you to the Dads for helping so much on the field. Thank youto the Moms for all the support in the stands and with snacks. Thank you to the kids for all your hard work and good sportsmanship. See you next year!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Only two more baseball games left

We're reaching the end of the Little League season. It's been a fun time with the kids this year. I'm planning to coach again next year at the Babe's level. The kids seem to be having a fun time. Having fun is the most important part of the game, especially at this level.