Sunday, October 23, 2011


Northwest Compensation and Rewards Forum Luncheon

I attended the quarterly NWCRF luncheon on Wednesday the 19th.

 It was a well attended event held at the Bellevue Club. Fred Whittlesey presented a thought provoking approach to understanding all the external and internal forces affecting an organization's compensation designs. It got me thinking about how compensation is perceived in the media and in the general public and more specifically by an organization's employees.

 I found a couple of interesting items on the web today that related to Fred's discussion. Here's a 15 year old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon that pretty much explains why people are upset enough to camp out on Wall Street and in cities around the country. Here's a wonderful podcast hosted by Horace Dediu that explains from a market perspective why more about CEO's pay levels. I highly recommend this podcast if your interested in technology and economics.

I look forward to the next Forum meeting being held in January.  I'll post something more about that meeting the Forum posts information on their website.